Universal Remote

Have you ever wished . . .

for a magic little box that controls all of your audio, video and electronics within your home? Something that enables you to listen to your favorite music in one room or the whole house with one touch on a handheld device, and dim lights to match the mood – all from the comfort of your couch? Wish no longer, your answer is here. Total Control from URC is a family of innovative products that work together flawlessly delivering newfound convenience and control of your home from across the room or across the world. Designed for everyday living, you can easily control entertainment, lighting, and much more from a remote or your iPhone® or iPad®.
Home Theater

Home Theater / Entertainment

For some, home theater is a family living room with a flat screen TV, a cable box and an AV receiver — fairly basic but very effective. For others, it’s a dedicated room with comfy chairs, a projector, motorized screen and adjustable lights. Regardless, most homes today have many components for watching movies, TV, cable, streaming media, playing games and more. With this, you realize how important it is to control the experience of home entertainment with a single, easy-to-use device.

URC knows a lot about controlling home theaters. We pioneered the category and we virtually invented the Universal Remote Control. Over the past ten years alone, URC’s sold more than 100 million remotes into the home theater, consumer, cable TV and special markets. We’ve worked hard to earn a place in your family room and you can count on us to take control of all your components from our remotes, keypads, touchscreens, smart phones and tablets.

Home Theater

Enjoy the magic of high-performance theater.

Control it all with a premium URC remote, or our glorious in-wall color touch panels – or even your iDevices. These controllers are so intuitive that everyone can operate them. Your installer simply connects our streaming amplifiers to your home network. And you get superior sound and realism for your entertainment.

  • Experience convenient access to music and playlists around the house
  • Stream music from the internet, Rhapsody, Pandora and more
  • Control music and movies in other rooms with one touch
  • Bring the magic of home theater to your family and friends


Light up your life and set the mood by pressing a button on your smart phone or remote to dim the lights. No more trekking downstairs to go room to room and turn off all the lights at bedtime. With URC you can easily turn off house lights – individually or all at once. Create lighting “scenes” for one touch to relax or party. It’s as easy as setting presets on a car radio. Even adjust lights at home while you’re away at the office or on vacation. One touch puts you in control of a bright, energy-saving smart house.

URC has two lighting product lines – Vivido® and LED Lighting by URC. Also, our automation products are compatible with an array of other popular lighting products on the market.

Light up your life.

Dwell in the perfect ambiance throughout your home to the outdoors. Press a button on the in-wall keypad to bring up the perfect lighting “scene” and mood for the pool party.

  • Create lighting presets for waking up, parties or whatever you dream up
  • Set a path of light to welcome you when you open the garage door
  • Control lights from your smartphone while you’re away from home
  • Compatible with URC lighting and other popular lighting systems


With URC, you can live in your comfort zone every day with newfound ease. If you’re on the couch or in the car, you can see and adjust temperature from a handy mobile app or remote. With our premium smart home system Total Control, you can also use designer keypads and touchscreens to cool things down any time. With some URC systems, you can change heating and cooling on seasonal schedules for energy savings. When away from home, ensure the house stays at the temperature you wish from your smartphone or tablet. Who says thermostats can’t be cool? With URC they are.


Live in your comfort zone.

Keep the temperature levels just right for your vacation home. Or, warm up the house in the morning before you go downstairs. Never walk on cold floors again –pick up a remote from your bedside, adjust the warmth, and enjoy newfound comfort.

  • Adjust the temperature from anywhere in the house
  • Enjoy greater comfort and save energy with scheduling
  • Change or check on settings while on-the-go or out of town
  • Compatible with several other popular thermostat products