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Luxul is in the business of enhancing network performance for home, business, and mobile Wi-Fi applications. With Luxul's patented high performance technologies you can enjoy a more stable, powerful and productive Wi-Fi networking experience. The addition of their new wired switch and router line, further enhances their Wi-Fi product offerings – delivering a simple, expandable and more tightly integrated end-to-end network solution for your home or business.

The Luxul Experience


Thriving on innovation and understanding of customer needs, Ubiquiti focuses on an unparalleled user experience. Ubiquiti Networks is closing the digital divide by building network communication platforms for everyone everywhere. With over 10 million devices deployed in over 180 countries, Ubiquiti is transforming under-networked businesses and communities. Ubiquiti's leading edge platforms, including airMAX, UniFi, airFiber, airVision, mFi and EdgeMAX, combine innovative technology, disruptive price performance and the support of a global user community to eliminate barriers to connectivity.

The Ubiquiti Experience


Are you finally ready for a network you can count on? Reliability is Araknis’ middle name. Every access point, switch, and router by Araknis has been put to the test in the Araknis Lab to ensure strength, quality, and reliability. With 15,000 hours of testing—temperature testing in their thermal chamber to full bandwidth and surge testing, Araknis pushes their products to the limit. Exclusive Araknis products are expertly engineered to deliver best-in-class performance and support a wide variety of networking needs for professional integrators. With Araknis, you’ll get supreme dependability, even in the most demanding environments.

The Araknis Experience

OvrC Pro

OvrC Pro is a professional cloud-based solution that helps you monitor your devices in the field and provide focused customer care. OvrC Pro gives you total peace of mind through powerful software and support service, ensuring premium network performance and making sure your network is a priority. Your integrators can keep an eye out for slow internet speeds or malfunctioning devices. If your system goes haywire, integrators will hunt down vital clues and service common issues remotely, without disrupting your home or your schedule. But usually, OvrC will solve issues before you even see them.

The OvrC Pro Experience